Happy Atoms edutainment app design

Prototype with tangibles


Happy atoms is a physical product that is designed to teach students about atoms and molecules in chemistry classes and I participate in this project during my intern at Schell Games. I was responsible for the early UI/UX design and setting a visual tone for the affiliated app on iPad at its prototyping phase. This project continued to be developed and later got funded by IES ( Institute of Education Sciences SBIR Program).


Interaction Design, Visual Design


Oct 2014 to Dec 2014


Art Director, Front End, Designer

Target Audience

Junior high school students

Struggling with learning chemistry at school, junior high school students can play with this app and atom set after class that helps them understands the structure of the atoms in molecules.

Chemistry teachers

In a chemistry classroom, the teacher could use this app and atom set to help students understand and remember the structures of molecules.

Key user scenarios

After user builds a molecule using the tangible atom set, the app could be used to take a picture of the atoms, and the app will identify what the molecule is via computer vision.

The mini Wireframe User flow

The visual guidelines

After the wireframe stage, the visual exploration started from looking at shape, color and motion.


Roundness is the language of our product. Use circled icons to represent atoms. Add round corner to shapes to soften the edges and indicates friendliness.


Use Bright, highly-saturated colors on a light background.
Orange red -- Happy and energetic
Blue -- Science, chemistry, precise.


Use animated user interactions that can entertain users and avoid visual fatigue.

Logo explorations

Final Identity

Screen mockups

Prototyping micro interactions