Cisco Spark motion graphics

Marketing website promotional video


I created a motiongraphic video for as one of the options for homepage hero background. The idea behind it was to show collaboration across devices and locations and specifically introduce this Spark board product used in an office environment.


Illustrator, Video Director, Editor


2 weeks in Sep 2016

Set up the initial scenes

Scene one

A user is using the Spark room mobile app to collaborate on his commute to work on subway.

Scene two

A remote user is using the Spark room desktop app to collaborate in a cafe.

Scene three

Several users in office are using spark board in the office to communicate with remote users.

Detailed breakdowns

After the initial scenes are set up, I went on to draw illustrations and piece out the actual storyline with them first before the making of the animation.

Making the animation

I used Aftereffects to make the animation. It took about 1 week and a half to make this 40 second video and I was still amazed by how many details that need to be considered making it feeling "real" and "connected".
Because of the nature of a website background video, I intentionally didn't add sound/voiceovers, but as a video it can definitely benefit from voiceovers.

Project in the works

Final Result

Closing thoughts

I really enjoyed crafting stories to express a central idea. Although the video didn't make it in the site, I felt like I learnt a lot in the process of making it and it was great fun. Even though right now I'm doing UX design which is a different area of expertise, I do feel that the story-making experience adds a lot to who I am as an experience designer today.