Hi! I'm Lilian Qian.
I'm a product designer with 5 years of experience,
creating intuitive and delightful user experiences.
Currently I work at Brava Home,
leading web and app design efforts
in the iOT space.
Bay Area


Visual design

This is the skill that I have been practicing for years and is most confident of. I am constantly playing with space, contrast, rhythm, elements, color, typography.

UX design

This is the skill that is fundamental to what I do everyday in work. I love solving complicated problems and craft a consistent elegant solution.

Motion design

I love making animations! I am pretty experienced with motion-graphics and prototyping SVG animations.


I am confident in planning, facilitating usability testing as well as conducting user interviews. I also work with data analysts regularly to review usage data and pattern.

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Let's grab Coffee, or do a Zoom chat!
Shoot me an email at : lilian.qian@yahoo.com