SVG Animation Challenge

Self Initiated coding project


This is a self-initiated side project on Codepen started in 2017. I have always had great interest in doing animation and this time I am using HTML and CSS to achieve some simple yet effective emojis. I had a lot of fun crafting the illustrations as well as completing the final touch of the moving elements. In Nov 2017, I also helped organize a hands-on animation coding workshop in my workplace and received pretty good feedback from my coworkers.


Illustrator, Animator, coder

Day4 Confetti

CSS only celebrating confetti

Day5 Magic

CSS only Rabbit trick

Day7 Cutting fruit

Prepare for the cake

Day8 Whip Cream

Prepare for the cake

Day10 Cat

My cat Cheerio

Day 11 Cat paw

Cat stretches his paws

Day 15 Flying over sea

A plane glides across the sea surface

Day 17 Cruise

Relaxing cruise trip with sunset

Day19 Swimming

One person pool