Mr Jelly iOS game

One tap iOS action game


Mr Jelly is a mobile game from Jelly Roll project in 2015 global game jam project hosted in Facebook HQ. After the game jam the team continued to work on it as a side project and it has evolved to be a richer experience.


Visual/UI designer


5 months


Game Designers,  Engineers

The gameplay

Mr jelly—the cube is rolling ahead with a constant speed. Player taps the screen and holds to stretch the cube in order for it to avoid falling in the gaps between platforms.

Demo video

This was a low fidelity demo done at the prototype stage. It roughly communicates the mechanism of the gameplay.

Horizontal VS Vertical screen

There was a shift in the high fidelity version of the game—we moved to vertical screen instead of the initial horizontal screen. It's based on the fact that players preferred being able to play games with one hand— e.g when they're commuting in public transportation, which is  easily achievable by a vertical screen, whereas a horizontal screen app declares a more relaxing environment like lying in a sofa or bed where both hands are free.

A richer game experience

Store and skins

A sense of progression of the game builds up retention. A huge diversified background and jelly skins are gradually introduced to the players as they unlock accomplishments and accumulate diamonds.

Sharable Moments

We make the game extremely sharable by polishing some micro interactions like the endgame moment, achievements and unlocking of new skins to encourage the sharing activity.

Transitional animation

video tutorial, transition between screens, UI animations and celebration moments are added to the game to make it more welcoming and user friendly.

End game flows

We want to create a dynamic end game experience to make the game more exciting. We created several different  end game flows— each showing up under a different condition, e.g. breaking a personal record or entering a world top ranking. We assumed that players are more likely to share under these conditions so we placed share touch points in prominent places to support and encourage the sharing activity.

Closing thoughts

This project was put on a pause unfortunately because of a unhealthy burnout. Even though it didn't get to see the light of the day, I do cherish the time spent on getting things right and just be detail oriented as much as possible. We might get started someday on this again.