Cisco WebEx & Cisco Spark website design

Responsive websites visual design


When I worked as a visual designer in Cisco WebEx online marketing CXD team, I participated in responsive webpage design across the whole site of I worked very closely with other designers, content strategist and front end developers through visual design and actual production.


Visual Designer embeded in Marketing UX team


Aug 2015 to Sep 2016

Designing the checkout experience

A couple screens of final visual design

Pixel Perfect visual design

Designed responsive images, layouts for Desktop, Tablet and mobile. Specs were manually generated at that time to communicate spacing, typography, color, etc to front end developers. Towards the end of the work, we started using Zeplin which is a powerful tool that generates specs automatically which saved a lot of time for designers.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile speccing examples

All about the Storytelling

hero images re-composite and touchup

Stock images are heavily used on Cisco marketing sites when photo shooting budget falls short. I had to work with existing Cisco brand images with stock imagery to craft stories.

Hero carousal imagery comps design
Hero background video storyboarding & editing

I was tasked to create a background video for Cisco WebEx homepage hero. It was a combination of working with relevant footages I can find as well as crafting a storyline using them. This was the result:

Motion design explorations

A couple motion design explorations were made using AfterEffects.

Closing thoughts

Both Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark marketing sites are based on a content management system called AEM(Adobe Experience Manager). While having the benefits of being able to adapt to difference devices and languages quickly, it's pretty time consuming to develop new components to use. Most times we had to work within existing components to make the layout work.